My nuclear love

My nuclear love is a theater play directed by Olja Lozica, intended primarily for adolescents and young people, but also for everyone else. It was co-produced by the Kotar Theater, the Rugantino Theater and the Academy of Dramatic Art in cooperation with the Museum of Broken Relationships. It was premiered on October 28, 2016, at the Vatroslav Lisinski Stadium in Zagreb. 

It has been performed more than thirty times in the Vatroslav Lisinski Small Hall, on tours throughout the Republic of Croatia as well as at theater festivals. At the "Glumište pod Murva" festival in Skradin, Sanja Milardović was declared the best actress of the festival for her roles in the play, winning the "Golden Mulberry" award. 


The performance was inspired by the intimate confessions of citizens who published their true stories under pseudonyms (KRFLNK, Nisamtoja, Pbeatz) on the portal in the most popular section Lonely hearts under the topic When you're a poor crybaby (stories from the past) started by Stjepan Krznarić under the pseudonym Drito konj.

The performance, based on the forum, thematizes love and its consequences, talks about the humiliations and disappointments suffered in love relationships, about love triangles and interruptions, about loneliness, emotional alienation, sexual indulgences and the search for one's own identity within the relationship, but also outside it. Conceptually and directorially, it is innovative because for the first time, true stories presented on a public platform such as a forum, without censorship, are transferred to the theatrical medium.

The play dissects the phenomenon of interpersonal relationships in a witty and entertaining way and points to the problem of an individual's (in)ability to build a relationship through emotional participation and the ability to communicate.


Director: Olja Lozica

Starring: Lada Bonacci, Petar Cvirn/Goran Guksić, Sanja Milardović and Filip Vidović

Playwrighter and composer: Matko Botić

Set designer and costume designer: Ana Sekulić

Light designer: Marino Frankola

Technical management: Davor Popović

Makeup: Marija Bingula

Photos: Radomir Sarađen

Video material: Hani Domazet

Producer: Marija Kolb (The play is the graduation project of Marija Kolb at the Department of Stage and Performing Arts Production of the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb under the mentorship of Art. Assistant Professor Tatjana Aćimović)

The performance was realized with the financial support of the City Office for Culture of the City of Zagreb and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia. 

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