Weirdo Šumek

Weirdo Šumek is an educational acting-puppet show intended for children older than 4 years. Co-produced by Kotar Theater and Mala Scena Theater, it was premiered in Delnice on June 23, while the premiere performance was held in Zagreb on September 6, 2018. festival. It has been performed throughout the Republic of Croatia and at important festivals such as the Festival of Independent Theaters, the Mali Marulić Festival and the Naj naj naj festival. 

The play, together with the workshop program, is included in the program of the Ministry of Culture, Backpack full of culture ( and the Cultural Network of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County (


The play is based on the picture book of the same name by Ivana Francišković Olrom, and is directed by Morana Dolenc. The show is specific in that it uses innovative puppet technologies - puppets that have the ability to change facial expressions. Also, several puppetry techniques were used in the play (animation of scenography, animation of body parts, animation of puppets) which sets it apart from other acting and puppet shows. It deals with topics such as: the importance of preserving nature, accepting others and different, and building social relationships and making friends.

In a witty and fun way, he follows the journey and growing up of the boy Mirko who went to the forest to find the most beautiful flower in the world and give it to his mother. On this exciting journey, he meets Čudak Šumek, a gentleman who decided to replace life in the city with life in the forest a long time ago. The lifestyle of Čudak Šumek inspires and motivates Mirko, who then returns to the city as a new person, richer for many valuable knowledge and experiences.



Author of the text: Ivana Francišković Olrom
Director: Morana Dolenc
Roles: Matija Kezele/Mladen Vujčić, Marija Kolb i Mark Šokčić
Playwright: Anja Pletikosa
Composer: Vlatko Panić
Scenography: Leo Vukelić
Making dolls and costumes: Luči Vidanović
Light design: Domagoj Klasić i Ivan Štrok
Oblikovanje vizualnog identiteta: Jelena Radmanović
Producer for Kotar Theater: Matija Kezele 
Producers for the Mala scena: Tena Bosek, Mia Tomić i Jelena Vignjević

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