A man who was afraid to fall asleep

For centuries, art in human life has played the role of spiritual upgrading through creative work on itself in the form of translating one's own thoughts and feelings into the form of a work of art, but in modern times artwork is also increasingly turning into GOODS intended for uncontrolled market competition. The industrial multiplication of works of art leads to the inflation of their values ​​and they are, ultimately, no different from objects intended for everyday use. By "stamping" them, the individual value of an individual work of art disappears, which is thus drowned in the sea of ​​mediocrity.

Created from the Jacques Lecoqa theater factory, Bouffon uses irony and direct address to the audience by presenting a kind of mirror of society, our most sincere fears and our greatest hypocrisy. Bouffon mocks what the human race has become, but the UN, unlike the clown, is not subject to the usual sociological and performance norms, thus showing the human impossibility of survival in the world.

The theme of the play is the problem of sleep as a consequence of the overload that society, but also the individual himself, puts on his back. The play was co-produced by the Kotar Theater and the Močvara Theater, and brings an unrepresented form of theatrical Bouffon in the form of a monodrama in Croatia. The premiere of the text was held in Delnice on October 17, and the Zagreb premiere at the Močvara club on November 24, 2019. 


Idea, text, direction and performance: Matija Kezele
Dramaturgy: Mario Kovač
Scenography: Matija Kezele, Damjan Kovač and Marko Burić
Costume design: Matija Kezele and Adriana Rajčić 
Production: Kotar teatar & Kazalište u Močvari
Technical manager: Kristian Moguš




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