In June 2020, Delnice hosted a presentation of activities created as part of the "Secrets of Louisiana" program, created as part of the 27 Neighborhoods of the European Capital of Culture program and the Centrifery project, which is co-financed by the European Union's Creative Europe program.

The Kotar Theater acted as the host of the neighborhood program in Delnice, and as part of the project, interactive programs were held as part of the living room, the premiere of the play "I-Lujzijana magic show", the program "Delnice Stories", the premiere of the radio drama "Alraune or beyond the mirror" and art installations for meditation were set up in the wilderness of the City of Delnice and neighboring municipalities.

The art program "Secrets of Louisiana" tells the story of several important segments of life in Delnice. Historical - through which Delnice inherits wealth and testifies to the emergence of an important traffic route, the current - in which Delnice is absent from the cartography of important transit routes without the possibility of economic development and importance, and the future - which sees culture as wealth and a new way of thinking about life.







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