Virtual Theater CHANGE

Virtual Theater CHANGE was created as a reaction to real events that caught Croatia and the world cultural scene due to the pandemic of the Covid-19 virus in 2020, the earthquake in Zagreb and the general lockdown in the first part of the year. After theatrical events were banned, and later limited by the measures of the national civilian headquarters, the entire theatrical production faced the challenge of online production and adaptation of previous activities to virtual performance formats.

One night during an online meeting, the idea was born to create a new Virtual Theater that operates like any other theater institution or cultural center in local units with the only difference being that its employees, just like business, are virtual.

Virtual theater CHANGE encourages cultural production by creating a new performance genre and provides new forms of interaction between spectators and performers in changed roles, more precisely the new life circumstances that we have witnessed since 2020.

The founders of Virtual theater CHANGE are Leo Vukelić (Tigar Theater) and Matija Kezele (Kotar Theater)

Projekt sufinancira Ministarstvo kulture i medija Republike Hrvatske.

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