Color spectrum

The project "Color Spectrum" is a creative initiative of the art organization Kotar Theater, which aims to provide access to cultural and artistic content for children, youth and adults who face various obstacles in life and development.

The project is designed as a comprehensive initiative that aims to provide access to adapted cultural content (film workshops) for children and young people, students of the Center for Autism from Zagreb, but also to generally increase visibility and awareness of the value of inclusivity and equal availability of cultural activities for all children and young people with developmental disabilities.

The first phase of the project lasted from September 2021 to February 2022 and included a series of film workshops in which young participants had the opportunity to actively participate in small groups in the phases of "production" of film content.

At the end of the workshops, all video works created as a joint effort of coordinators, assistants, students and educational staff were edited into short video stories and published on the project website.

The result of the project is a short documentary about the creative process of participants and their coordinators.


Introduction (with camera), lights, stop animation, editing, documentary and acting

Project coordinator: Maja Puhovski

Production: Holder of the UO Kotar Theater project in cooperation with the Center for Autism and the Zagreb Cinema Club

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