I-Louisiana magic show

27 neighborhoods - Rijeka European Capital of Culture 2020 - as part of the program "Secrets of Louisiana"

This comic show is a hybrid of a kind of TV competition talent show, stand up comedy and burlesque, and consists of points that vary from conceptual contemporary dance performances, exaggerated acting feats, impossible
circus-acrobatic skills to futile artistic activism and self-critical utopian visions of Gorski kotar as a world-famous tourist-ecological reserve "which has just not seen the light of day". 

Author / Director / Choreographer: Žak Branko Valenta
Performers: Matija Kezele, Marija Kolb, Nikolina Komljenović, Ana Katulić, Vera Mitrović Vrbanac, Dario Zvornik, Goran Ilić, Tihana Ostreš and Lucija Žulj
Visual identity: Žak Valenta
Music: Goran Ilić 
Technical manager: Kristian Moguš Lighting master: Damir Rajčić
Costumes: Tihana Ostreš
Make up and hairstyles: Lucija Žulj and Bruno Štimac
Production: Kotar teatar, Kazalište Trafik, Grad Delnice and Risnjak d.o.o. Delnice.

Realized within the project "Centriphery" co-financed by: European Union Creative Europe Program 2014-2020. and the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.  

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