Emotional literacy

In the modern social environment, it is increasingly difficult to articulate one's own emotions and inner worlds clearly. The search for the roots of socially conditioned behaviors, the relationships and roles we perform in them, and most of all the attempt to expand vocabulary for what is happening inside us, brings us back to those who learn about their environment on a daily basis, intuitively react to it and constantly redefine it. before puberty. Developmental stages in childhood shape consciousness, identity, affect the perception of ourselves and others, ourselves in relation to others and the world around us. At the same time, they teach us to regulate emotions, suppress reactions, and shape tools for dealing with social challenges. In cooperation with the elementary school of Ivan Goran Kovačić in Delnice, we went through an intensive process of emotional literacy of young people through various drama techniques.

Project coordinator: Silvio Vovk

Project created: 2021

The project was financed by the Kultura nova Foundation


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