Welcome to the CLUB

The first play created in the independent production of the Kotar Theater is the author's project by Silvio Vovko entitled "Welcome to the Club". The monodrama "Welcome to the Club" is motivated by the surrealism of our reality in which presidents eat leftover food, ministers drink in illegal clubs, mobile phones are thrown into the river Sava, and trunks are filled with bags of money. All this is a logical continuation of scandals in which successful factories were destroyed, sister companies darkened millions of kunas, all with the full support of the ruling party.

The club represents a meeting place, ensures exclusivity, creates a barrier between "those who are" and "those who are not" part of the club. The club is a place of desire, a place of security, elitism, like-minded people, a place where you feel special and because of which you feel good. The club is not a coincidence, it should be founded, it should be invested in, new members should be enrolled, those who are not worthy of it should be written out, its goals should be devised and the conditions for its operation should be provided.
The club is a metaphor. The club is a paradox. The club is a utopia.

Using reality as a basic material for theatrical fiction, the desire of this project is to explore the spaces of parallel reality, intertextuality, metatheatre, to play with the unreality of reality and the reality of imagination.

The play "Welcome to the Club" tries to reconstruct the mechanisms of entering the elite stratum of society which, through corrupt, arrogant, secret and illegal actions, create a parallel world of power and rule. It is a world of a different discourse, people who prescribe laws on the other side of the law, a society of the chosen who have "succeeded in life".




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