The Delnice premiere of the play My Nuclear Love

This year’s program of Kotar FEST! will include premieres of two plays, the first one being the Delnice premiere of the play My Nuclear Love (Moja nuklearna ljubav). This is an authorial project by Olja Lozica, coproduced by Kotar Theater, Theater Rugantino and the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, in cooperation with the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb.
This performance will also be the first professional play produced by the only independent professional theater organization from Gorski Kotar.

The play was inspired by the intimate confessions of Croatians, who published their true stories under aliases (KRFLNK, Nisamtoja, Pbeatz) on the portal, in its most popular subforum “The Lonely Hearts”, in the thread “Seeing as you’re a pathetic asshole (stories from the past)”, started by Stjepan Krznarić under the alias Drito Konj.

The project, which thematically leans heavily on the forum, talks about love and its consequences, speaks out about humiliations suffered and about disappointments in romantic relationships, about love triangles and breakups, about loneliness, emotional alienation, sexual indulgences and the search for one’s own identity in the context of a relationship, but also outside of it. The play is conceptually and directorially innovative, because for the first time ever, true stories expressed on a public platform such as an Internet forum are, without censorship, transferred into the theatrical medium.
The play, in a witty and fun manner, dissects the phenomenon of human relationships and points to the issue of the individual’s (in)competence in building a relationship through emotional participation and the ability to communicate.

The play was produced with financial support from the City Office for Culture in Zagreb and from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.

Posted on 07/24/2017 in News

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