Kotar FEST! 5 and how it came to pass

In its past five years of work, the arts organization Kotar Theater has grown and developed an arts festival in the town of Delnice in the Croatian region of Gorski Kotar, under the moniker Kotar FEST!. Beginning in 2012, Kotar FEST! has brought theater and film into a region that has, thus far, been under-represented on the cultural-artistic map of Croatia. The region of Gorski Kotar is situated in a key transit location in Croatia, and has natural predispositions for the development of tourism.

This transportation connection and the potential for tourism are an excellent prerequisite for the development of cultural and artistic content. During the summer season, over four days at the end of June, visitors can enjoy interesting and interactive plays, film screenings, workshops and performances, and, of course, the must-have festival parties and concerts.

With this video we wanted to show who the people behind the festival are, and what it looks like when you organize a project through volunteer-work and invest passion and a little bit of money into it

Posted on 01/10/2017 in News

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